Bound by ethics and integrity, APBnetworkers focuses on the quality of our team of seasoned professionals.  We are committed to the support, growth and development of each member's business through the consistent exchange of high qualify referrals.  The success of our members is reflected by the continual increase of closed business!

What Sets US Apart

APBnetworkers is a team of quality seasoned professionals. We are not a group...instead our mentality is "team". We encourage representation on the whole of the business, not just a portion of our member's profession.

Our meetings are condensed but effective, and our low-cost membership makes this an affordable networking solution. And finally, our focus is not on building our organization, but on the growth and development of our member's businesses.  

What WE Do

  • Host weekly networking meetings
  • Build relationships through team building activities
  • Exchange qualified referrals with group members
  • Help build each others businesses through seminars and events
  • Host events in the community to help grow and support each of our businesses

What OUR Members Are Saying

"Our weekly APBnetworkers meeting allows me to really get to know the other members.  I love that I am able to refer my clients to qualified professional people that I trust.  It expands my usefulness to my clients, which is great." Brian J Belcastro         

President / The Money Coach / Investment Advisor         

THE $ COACH LLC          www.TheMoneyCoachLLC.com 

"APBnetworkers has been an excellent source of great referrals and a warm environment where you can get energized by meeting honest, dependable and experienced professionals that are willing to help you grow your business.        
Tony Ayoubi, Founder
Good Samaritan Insurance Services          www.SeniorsInsuranceAdvice.com

"Being a part of APBnetworkers has not only increased my business success, but it has also helped me become a better public speaker.  I would recommend APBnetworkers to anyone looking to grow both professionally and personally.         

Michael James, Personal Banker         

Mechanics Bank          www.MechanicsBank.com  

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