How to Become a Member


We would like to encourage you to visit a meeting.  Our meetings are held weekly for one hour in El Dorado Hills.  We begin promptly at 7:30am.

Mercedes Benz

1000 Mercedes Lane

El Dorado Hills, CA  95762

We’re always open to growing our group, adding new members where there is a category open and it is a good fit within our group and our current members.  Our first loyalty is with each of our current members to bring in qualified and quality members that support the growth of all of our members and their businesses. 

As we offer only one member per category, there is no confusion on who to refer your business. Unlike other networking organizations, we allow each member to represent the whole of their category instead of just a portion.  Again, our focus is in building each of our businesses. APBnetworkers is merely the avenue we utilize to achieve this commitment.

For example, if you are an attorney and your practice is Divorce, Bankruptcy and Real Estate law, you can represent the whole of what you do so long as a member of longer tenure does not already hold one of those categories. Should any of these categories come open in the future, however, you are welcome to add that portion to your category(s).

We ask each prospective new member to visit our team meeting three times before submitting an application for membership in our team. Upon the third week, you could complete and submit your application for membership. Once received by APBnetworkers, our Membership Committee would review and check your business references provided. Following review, you would then be contacted regarding their decision.

There is typically a one-time registration fee for new members, and a bi-annual fee for all members thereafter. Our cost of membership is significantly lower than other networking groups, and we don’t charge quarterly dues. This low cost structure is specifically in place to help support each member of our team to focus on what really matters....helping each other build their businesses through the consistent exchange of high quality referrals to top experts in each of our fields..

Since we have no corporate overhead, we have the ability to focus instead on the financial benefit to our members.